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NeoPurple produces packaging designs that not only work, they drives sales, connect with retailers and captivate consumers. We ensure that our focused designs maintain brand continuity, speak directly to the target market within the consumer environmentfrom and function as a mechanical envelope to protect the product.

Additional to the structure and the outward faces of the packaging, the design must consider; the tone of the message to be communicated, the engineering required to create a functional form and how the packaging might interact with the consumer to create interest and or intrigue.

No matter what kind of product ...medical, software, consumables FMCG, technical, Industrial, chemical, homewares, automotive ...etc.), the NeoPurple packaging design team will ensure your design solution is optimum for your product.

“We launched the new packaging at a product roadshow for our store teams.
They were absolutely thrilled with the look of the new range.

Thanks again.”

Laura Ashmore
Buyer – Adairs Retail Group

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