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Since 1975 NeoPurple has provided contemporary graphic design and production services in conjunction with the provision of sophisticated brand development, cut-through creative and marketing solutions for clients across Melbourne and Australia.

NeoPurple specialise in the design and production of functional marketing messages, designed to promote our clients business and services. Every design project is tailored to meet the client's specific requirements, which are determined during a comprehensive analysis of the existing brand, the client's competitive environment and the desired marketing goals the client wishes to achieve.

Our graphic design Melbourne clients include some of Melbourne and Australia's leading IT providers, property developers, utilities and advertising agencies as well as some international clients like Fujitsu Digital Media.

NeoPurple recommends that most graphic design projects and brand redevelopments be incorporated within an overall online and off line marketing strategy, so as to ensure a cohesive approach and consistency of message is communicated to best effect. As a multidisciplinary design studio, NeoPurple can create, co-ordinate and manage your communication strategy to guarantee your customers keep coming back.


“We launched the new packaging at a product roadshow for our store teams.
They were absolutely thrilled with the look of the new range.

Thanks again.”

Laura Ashmore
Buyer – Adairs Retail Group

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