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A NeoPurple campaign always focuses on Return on Investment (ROI) to our clients by first improving ranking performance then using the inevitable increase in traffic to drive more business through and via the website. Campaign level dependent, it begins by completing a detailed review of the following then provides ongoing value by continuing to refine and improve and rankings and ROI performance. NeoPurple continually responds to live rankings and Google Analytics data and implement new techniques where appropriate.

Keyword Analysis

Using proven techniques NeoPurple will analyse any current targeted keyword strategy against a range of data sources to determine whether the current campaign is targeting the most profitable phrases. Analysis establishes phrases that are profitable, have appropriate search volume and are “target-able” in search results. Optimally the site should target between 3 and 5 ‘seed” phrases.

Google Analytics Review

Traffic data will be analysed to inform various aspects of the campaign. NeoPurple will analyse the current Google Analytics to assess the main drivers of traffic and popular pages to ensure that ranking based decisions do not interfere with “real world” interaction with the site.

Google Webmaster Tools Analysis

Google Webmaster Tools is the method by which Google informs website owners about their sites performance. NeoPurple will thoroughly analyse all important benchmarks to ensure they are within our acceptable parameters. We will identify any errors reported, site load times, keyword significance and ranking performances (Top Search Queries) and advise on methods to improve these results.

Website Code Analysis

A thorough analysis will be performed on the site as it is presented to the Google-bots and browsers alike. NeoPurple will determine, and report on, the sites compliance with best practice SEO standards as determined by our analysts. The following factors will be analysed and reported on; correct meta data, correct tags and heading text, body text keyword density, file naming protocols for images, linking structure, server responses such as 404, 301, 302 re-directions, site –map performance, correct robots.txt file syntax etc.

Google Index Review

A site cannot be ranked in Google unless it is indexed. NeoPurple will perform a detailed analysis on the sites indexed pages, specifically to the amount of pages in the index, their page rank, cache dates and repeated or duplicated content in the index. Methods for improving these results will be implemented or recommendations made to rectify key structural issues.

Back-Links Performance

Links to your domain are a significant factor for ranking performance; NeoPurple will perform an analysis of your back-links to determine their impact on your ranking performance. We will establish what external sites are linking to your site and endeavour to identify the anchor text used and identify opportunities to improve the amount and quality of the sites’ back links.

New Content Publishing Schedule

NeoPurple will ensure that new content is Search Engine friendly and is informed by the results of the keyword analysis. A new content publication strategy will be discussed and implemented where appropriate.

Competitive Analysis

NeoPurple will make a thorough assessment of your competitors, specifically the top three sites for your targeted key words, and determine strategies to achieve a top 3 ranking. Also from time to time your competitors may become more active and start to claim ranking places you previously held. In this instance NeoPurple will identify the tactics being used by your competitors and will formulate a plan to combat it.

Reporting Schedule

NeoPurple will constantly monitor your site and report on its performance and provide reporting based on the following schedule:

o    Daily Ranking Report - Everyday one of NeoPurple’s SEO technicians will check the ranking performance of the site’s targeted phrases and report any significant changes. Minor day to day fluctuations will be noted in fortnightly reports.

o    Weekly Emailed Ranking Reports - Once a week, a ranking report will be generated showing ranking performance over the previous week. These reports will focus on results in selected search engines, typically (Results from “the web” and “pages from Australia”), (Results that “Show All” and “Only from Australia”) and

Campaign Levels

NeoPurple offers three levels of optimisation to make your website profitable. Each level requires a six-month commitment.

Option 1:  Standard Campaign - to rank first page of Google (not guaranteed)

We guarantee:

o    Genuine qualified prospects
o    Increased traffic, leads, and conversions

Option 2:  Ranking Guarantee Campaign - this campaign will get your site ranked on the first page of Google (guaranteed)

We guarantee:

o    Genuine qualified prospects
o    First page Google ranking for one or more keyword phrases, with the aim of ranking top three
o    Increased traffic, leads, and conversions


o    KPI’s are benchmarked against Google (Pages from Australia) results.
o    On and off site recommended changes to be implemented within 7 days.
o    Option 1 allows for 2 hours per week on-site works to attain SEO outcomes.
o    Option 2 allows for up to 4 hours per week on-site works to attain SEO outcomes.
o    Campaign fees amortised over six monthly payments

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